About Us


My name is Olaf Heiseler and I am now 52 years old. I was born in Hagen/Germany and I have lived in Ennepetal. After my schooldays, I worked in couple of companies as a Laser cutting operator and service Technician where I was able to travelling around the World. There I have starting to like to make some pictures from all parts.
Later, at the age of 36, I traded my permanent residence in Germany against because present here in Finland. It had drifted me here by my new job and later my Finnish wife. I must say that in the far north it very like it here. After I have moved here I became back much Interesting for Motorsport, as I had before I was moving to Finland. Now I am often on some Motorsport events and make many Pictures. Just let some comment there for my pictures or my Blog news.

Olaf Heiseler